Sunday, 25 August 2019
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Excellent and very good job!!

I hope that a team like you will be very useful in the near coming new world !!

An idea for the future : As you know in some congregation there is foreign language groups, and some of them have the mid week meeting and / or the week end meeting.

So may be that we could choose the language for classroom and for the  week end meeting, choose a plus meeting in this another language.

An another solution is to implement the possibility to have a "new congrégation" (it would be the group) in the main one, and we could have the same feature like in a congregation. it would be useful this way because it gives the possibility to evoluate. Because some groups just starting have only one meeting, but not all part, other have meeting but once a month,...

Brothers, continue your fine works it is very useful for many of us.

God bless all of you

Best regards

2 months ago

Hello dear brothers

Are there any news on that topic? Is this feature planned to be implemented? I know there is this workaround ( but being that our group is a bit bigger we have multiple brothers holding the different parts, so i would prefer not to always have to manipulate the template...

Thank you

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