Version 2020.09.0 published.

´╗┐New version 2020.09.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Hebrew translations and preliminary support for right-to-left UITheocBase Help is available in Hebrew ?Mobile: Improvements for printingSupport for assignment slips (S-89)Custom templatesAbility to adjust text sizeBug fixes:S-89 printingHTML printing

Version 2020.08.0 published.

New version 2020.08.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:?Mobile: Print supportDesktop: email reminders restoredAn app-specific password is required in order to use iCloud or Gmail. You can generate an app-specific password after you enable two-factor authentication. (iCloud:, Gmail: h...
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Version 2020.06.0 published.

New version 2020.06.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Option to show song titles on the scheduleFinal prayer for the weekend meetingDesktop: Email reminders are no longer supported.Read More...Desktop: Copy assignments to the clipboardDesktop: Share assignments using the sharing menu on Windows and macOS or emai...
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Reminder emails

Dear brothers, Sending email reminders using theocbase smtp is not possible at the moment.Our service provider has disabled sending emails as there are too many emails been sent and it is against their terms of sercvice.  We are working for alternative solution for this. We are very sorry if this causes more work for you at the moment. Please ...
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Version 2020.05.0 published

New version 2020.05.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:?Mobile: Toolbar re-arranged on the main pageNew print option: Talks of SpeakersBug fixes:Shared PDF was not uploaded to the shared Dropbox folderFixes to create and modify midweek schedule in the settingsFixed midweek templates to show correct opening timeFixes t...
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Changes to User accounts and Templates

Dear Theocbase users, theocbase website has been under attack in past days and to prevent such action in the future we are going to make some changes. User accounts User accounts will be verified by sending email the new users for extra confirmationUser account that has not been used for an year will be deleted  Tempates Template uploads is no...
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Version 2020.03.0 published

New version 2020.03.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Improved readability of the help file in dark modePermission to set hosts for public speakers adjusted?Mobile: Edit special dates (exceptions). Tap 'Week starting' text to open the edit view.?Mobile: Select active week from the calendar. Tap and hold the cale...
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Version 2020.02.0 published

New version 2020.02.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Display streets on the territory mapJoin territoriesImproved templates for printing territory street listsBug fixes:Improvements for printing single assignment slipsFix to not use deleted song titlesPrint song and talk titles in the selected UI languageWorkbook im...
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Version 2019.12.0 published

New version 2019.12.0 has been published. Download here Support for updated assignment slipsBug fixes

Version 2019.11.1 published

New version 2019.11.1 has been published. Download here Bug fixes: epub import fixed

Version 2019.11.0 published

New version 2019.11.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Support for midweek meeting changes 2020 (new assignment slips are not yet supported)Unavailable brothers are no longer listed in weekend meeting dropdown listsNew !_STARTTIME! tags now also for weekend meetingsAll templates revised for international time formatsB...
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Version 2019.10.0 published

New version 2019.10.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:TheocBase Help is available in Nepali and also Romanian (Romanian since 2019.09 but wasn't mentioned in the Release notes)Design changes to MW templates regarding AM/PM time?Mobile:  Updated version of OpenSSL on Android?Mobile: Improved support for iPho...
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Version 2019.09.0 published

New version 2019.09.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Updated MW-templates for new !STARTTIME!-tagModified MW-templates, so that main hall assignments appear in one column - one below the other (aux. rooms appear in separate column to the left now)?Mobile: ability to sort selection lists (weekend meeting)Bug fixes

Version 2019.08.0 published

New version 2019.08.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Improvements for drawing territory boundaryEditing features in territory manager are now available also on WindowsApp notarization added to Mac package (required in forthcoming macOS Catalina)TheocBase Help translated into ItalianBug fixes:Third return v...
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Version 2019.07.0 published

New version 2019.07.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Split and divide territory along with associated dataUndo last point and cancel digitizing when drawing on the territory mapPossibility to add exclave or area to existing territory boundarySorted list in the dialog to add streets?Mobile: 64-bit Andr...
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Version 2019.06.0 published

New version 2019.06.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:TheocBase Help translated in Dutch and FrenchDraw territory boundary on the map (Linux and Mac only)Edit street list in territory manager (adding streets on Linux and Mac only)Mobile: UI color changesBug fixes:Mobile: Midweek assignment changes were not alway...
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Windows 32-bit version ready to download

Hello, Windows 32-bit version of Theocbase 2019.5.0 is also ready for download. -- Theocbase team --

Version 2019.04.1 published

New version 2019.04.1 has been published. Note! Windows version is 64-bit version only. Download here New features and changes:Offline documentation for access control and cloud syncing updatedBug fixes:The current user for access control was not always setDropbox file sharing in higher level folderDifferent modal presentation style on iPad

Access Control

In version 2019.04.0 we introduced new feature - Access Control. This is for distributing different user rights based on the role of the user. For now it works only in the desktop version, but is also to come in mobile version soon. We are also planning to have a 'Read Only' role so mobile app could be used also for viewing only. This would be bene...
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Version 2019.04.0 published

New version 2019.04.0 has been published. Note! Windows version is 64-bit version only. Download here New features and changes:Mobile: edit weekend meeting scheduleMobile: show outgoing speakers (not yet editable)Mobile: import midweek meeting workbook and Watchtower epub -filesAccess control introduced (desktop)Bug fixes:Second bible study was not...
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