Version 2021.03.0 published.

New version 2021.03.0 has been published.

Download here

New features and changes:

  • Additional "Notes"-field for midweek and weekend meetings
  • New MW/WE meeting template (COMBO_3; for notes, see instructions at the top of the file)
  • Printing tag for the start date (Monday) of a week
  • Printing tag for the week in a date range format
  • Printing tag for the active locale name
  • Printing tag for the abbreviation of minutes
  • Removed duplicate printing tag for "Christian Life and Ministry Meeting"
  • Hindi translations
  • TheocBase Help is available in Finnish
  • ?Mobile: Midweek / Weekend tabs replaced by swipe view

Bug fixes:

  • Wrong meeting time in outgoing speakers schedule
  • Student history data was missing

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